Three Tips to Taming a Pup That Shows Hints of Aggression

Some canines are naturally predisposed to show aggression. It could be that their previous owners were abusive, or perhaps their breed has a penchant for developing different kinds of aggressive behaviors. Whatever the case, these pups will sooner or later show hints of aggression, which is when you need to take steps to tame their aggressive behaviors.

Pinpoint the Type of Aggression Your Pup is Showing Signs Of

Most pups have food aggression. This comes from fighting over their mother’s milk with their siblings as babies. They carry this aggression onwards through life, feeling that they have to be the first, and only, to get food or else they might starve.

Do your research and ask your vet what each type of aggression conveys signs-wise.

FYI: Sometimes aggression is environmental, which means your pup could merely be uncomfortable in their living situations. Keep them comfortable through the changing seasons with plenty of airflow and good temperatures. There are plenty of AC companies in Tampa to consider when you need to cool your house for your pup in the summertime.

Dedicate Routine Times to Walks, Play, and Bonding

Bored pups are destructive pups. When your pup has time to get into trouble, they develop a feeling that those times are the only way they can get your attention. Try to avoid straying from your routine. If you have to leave for long periods of time, hire a sitter to keep your pup’s routine in check.

Side note: Some breeds are more energetic and needing of attention than others. Do research on those specific breeds and establish a routine that helps those breeds eliminate their excess energy. For example, high-energy dogs, like Jack Russell Terriers, need lots of room to run and play, and they love to play chase and catch.

Reward Good Behavior, but Use a Stern, Steadfast Alpha Voice for Bad Behavior

When dogs are brought into a family, you and all of the other members of that family are considered packmates. That means you become an alpha in a chain of command that mimics wolves.

Act accordingly by being gentle but stern in your instructions. Never, ever hit a dog out of anger. That’s a surefire way to make your pup moreso aggressive. Reward good behavior with treats but treat bad behavior with a stern voice that conveys your disapproval.